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As an actress, Bianca has acted opposite film stars including James Spader, Hector Elizondo, Richard Dreyfuss, Christian Slater, Dick Van Dyke, Dom DeLuise, Arsenio Hall, Richard Romanus, Dan Roebuck, and Richard Karn. She has worked with directors: James Chressanthis, Zachary Kranzler, Paul Mazursky, Bernard Rose, Michael Karbelnikof, James Marshall, Whitney Ransick, Jim Foley, Harry Basil, Blair Treu, Marco Puccioni, Curtis Hanson, Harvey S. Laidman.


Bianca's acting credits include the films The Fast One, Brainiacs, Mobsters, Bad Influence and Moon Over Parador and the television shows Martial Law, Diagnosis Murder, The Sentinel, Chicago Hope and Matlock.

Bianca's Acting Resume